Client Testimonials

Walkes and Joggers are welcome to join Every1 Moves' 5k Training Sessions.

Personalized Support

 "I have autoimmune disease and it makes it difficult for me to exercise.  Tee has been amazing at helping me with chair exercise routines that she  does with me virtually. This allows me to exercise in a way that  doesn't aggravate my condition. She's such a positive and motivating  spirit, that she really exemplifies her mission to get everyone moving!"-- Renata, Client for 2 years 

Uplifting and Motivating

 "I had the experience of going to Talancia's fitness class at the Salvation Army (Tuesdays at 6p.m.) It was one of the greatest classes I have been to. I was  having a very stressful day and from the moment I walked in I was  greeted with love and kindness. The workout was amazing but what really  sold me was the words of encouragement Talancia shares. My body was  worked out but my soul was fulfilled. I would recommend this class to  everyone. She accommodated every fitness level in her class."--Marilyn, Regular Class Attendant 

Every1 Welcome

"Sometimes when you get my size and you have pretty much found yourself  back where you were initially, you really feel like giving up, but I'm  not, thank you so much for your help and your support, I plan to grow within your service offerings!" -- Ruby, Personal Training Client

Convenient and Accommodating

"It was so convenient & within a great price to book Every1 Moves  with Tee at our office. Our jobs come with much stress & after  the session, many of us felt refreshed physically & mentally.
One participant says: I was a little hesitant at first but loves it. I felt joy, peace and physically better!"-- Review from local non-profit organization

Exercises for All Abilities

"Tee is lovely, helpful, encouraging, realistic, and patient = I believe  to be great qualities in a trainer who runs a very thorough stretch and  strength yoga based class. I feel worked muscles after every class (3  months later) without any pain, I feel more toned, and my favorite  improvement is stronger/less aching joints and bones from the muscle  improvement! Definitely for all ages and levels as Tee shows  easier/softer variations and harder/stronger!"-- Amy, Class Participant for 1 Year

Community Fitness

"Since I met Tee almost a year and a half, I have become stronger. She is a motivator, encouraging and resilient instructor. She believes in you and make you believe in yourself to take you to a higher level. I love her inspirational thoughts every class, and I love our Tuesdays group at The Salvation Army."-- Diana, Class Participant for 2 years