Welcome to Every1 Moves

Every1 Moves' Mission

The mission and heart of Every1 Moves’ is ‘Building Community One Workout at a Time’. 

You are MORE THAN a NUMBER here; you matter to us! When you choose an Every1 Moves’ group fitness class or event, we acknowledge you by making eye contact, asking your name and maybe even giving you a hug. You are welcomed because of who you are. It doesn’t to matter to us if you can (or can’t) lift heavy weights or run long-distances. Our first priority is getting to know you, building a relationship. From this place of connection, we can began discussing your wellness and fitness goals. 

How Are We Building Community 

Community is an invaluable asset to any organization, but it’s especially powerful for people who want to create healthier habits. When you are a part of a community, you receive support and accountability. You know someone cares. You know someone will check-in to ask if they are (or not) being committed to achieving their goals. 

How You Can Join Our Community

5k Training Sessions are one way we’re creating community. On Saturday mornings, a group of walkers and joggers meet a local park to train to complete a 5k race of 3.1 miles. We chat for a bit then stretch together as one large group. Everyone belongs. Then the two groups complete their workouts. Everyone has someone to walk or jog alongside of them. There’s no judgment or criticism, only cheers and high fives when we’re done. The workouts end with a cool-down and stretch.

Group Classes: Working out alone is no fun! You're welcome to join one of our weekly group fitness classes. People of all fitness abilities are welcome to attend. Click on the 'Classes' tab to find a class that is best for you.

Monthly Meet-Ups: At Every1 Moves we're intentional about building and growing our community by inviting you to participate in monthly meet-ups. We have fun getting to know one another beyond our fitness classes. We've planned a coupon class, clothing swaps, nail parties, group hikes and much more. Email Tee at for information about the next meet-up or follow Every1 Moves on Facebook and Instagram at #every1moves.

One-on-One Personal Training Sessions: Not quite ready to be social? Email Tee (Personal Trainer and Instructor) at to schedule your FREE start-up session to discuss your wellness goals. Together we can build a customized exercise and nutrition plan that works best for YOU and your lifestyle! 

You Belong!

You're wanted and welcome to join Every1 Moves' Community! 

We offer: 

  • FREE 5k training sessions for people of all fitness abilities, 
  • Group Fitness Classes 
  • Monthly Meet-Ups.