Calming Seated Stretches

Enjoy 5 Minutes of Calming Seated Stretches with Tee from Every1 Moves. This will be a guided time of gentle movement and relaxation. These stretches will increase your flexibility and mobility and strengthen your core stabilizing muscles. 

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Every1 Moves' Broom Workout

Join Tee from Every1 Moves for a fun and effective Broom Workout! 

(No excuses, we're using what we have #covid19 #stayhome) 

You'll only need a broom to do this total body cardio and strength workout!! 

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Video for educational purposes only.

Park Bench Workout

Every1 Moves' Park Bench Workout includes 6 exercises, 12 repetitions with minimum rest for maximum results! It's low-impact and guaranteed to help you build muscle using your own bodyweight. Get outside and join me for a great workout! InShot Video Credits: Music: Shave ( by FUGUE )


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4-Minute Standing Abs Workout

Check out this great 4-min Standing Abs Workout! We'll complete two rounds of 4 exercises for 20 seconds each, following 10 seconds of rest. Optional: Complete exercises holding two filled water bottles for additional resistance! Music Credits: Circuit and Apart Musician

5 Min. Dumbbell Workout

 Grab your dumbbells, soup cans  or filled water bottles and CLICK PLAY to join me for a 5-Min. Total Body Workout*.  We'll complete 5 exercises for 45 seconds each alternating 15 seconds of active rest (ie.marching in place).  

*Be sure to warm-up for at least 5 mins before starting the workout and stretch afterwards. 

InShot Music Video Credits: Last Summer and Outside by @iksonofficial

Towel Workout

Grab a towel and get outside to join me for quick workout! We'll complete 6 exercises, alternating 50 secs of movement with 10  secs. rest. We got this :0)